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Lying causes cat piss smell.
About a month ago I got a spam message posted to the guest book of my website, which is hosted by Yahoo. In the 6 years I have been running the site, this was the first time this has happened. I delete it and move on. Then a couple more come in within the week. I then delete them, set my guest book for me to have to approve them before they can post.

I have received 34 attempted spam posts to my guest book in the last 2 days, with an average of 7 a day generally.

I wish I could catch the cocksucker who coded this nonsense.



Lying causes cat piss smell.
UK payday loans, but the words are so random, that it can be from anywhere. Likely a bot.

No Alexis Jones connection that I'm aware of, but that's probably just what the government wants me to think.


Posts mostly from the shitter.
I have had 22 Spam mails sent since this morning. Gmail thankfully gets them all.


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We've been getting a lot more lately.
They all follow the same pattern.

Strange posts and bad links to spam.
Might be the ghost of Blurp.
I have been getting nailed over the past month...I had it all under control for YEARS and then suddenly this barrage of spam all from these obviously just registered domains that hit and run with spam. If you whois the domians they are all registered with an anonymous registration company so you sign that companys info@ address up for their own spam...It's all from things like 234sdfs.23@crickettbanana.com or safasd23@elephantcarpet.com SO FUCKING annoying! I am sure if they gave a shit they could stop this crap...


Lying causes cat piss smell.
Here's an example of 10:

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Edited to take out links to coolpaydayloans dot co dot uk because they are cocksuckers and I don't want to give them free advertising.
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