Fuck telemarketers that don't think the do not call registry applies to them

izzy izkowitz

Chris Hansen is my hero
I keep getting these bullshit telemarketing calls "about my credit. my credit is not in danger but it is important for me to speak to them to lower my interest rate to as low as 6.9%." Now, my credit rating is quite good and the interest rate that they could lower me to is higher than any of the interest rates I currently have. I have pushed the option several times to have my number removed and still, at least once a week I get this bullshit recording. so today I have nothing better to do than start some shit so I push 1 to talk. Some shwoog answers and axes me if I want to lower my interest rates. I ask him why would I do business with a retarded monkey like him that can't obey the law and not call me when I am registered on the do not call list. Dude thinks he can be offended by me calling him a retarded monkey and comes back with the super duper "well, yo mamma is a retarded monkey". I just loffed at him and informed him that if the phone rings again from his organization that they will have a little lawsuit on their hands so they better get their retarded monkey lawyers ready. fuck these assholes. If it weren't for the fact that I have a contractor working in my house right now I would have had some real fun with the ******.:arrrh:


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do you have caller ID? Does a number come up? If the answers are yes, report it. It takes just a few seconds to fill out the form on the "do not call" site