Fuck You Credit Cards


What a fucking scam.....there's no way to pay off a "cash advance" without paying off the entirety of a credit card....they just want to drain you of everything the fucking whores.........ya grab the cc thinking its your ATM cuz they look identical and wham...finance charges on fucking $20 till the whole card is paid off


learned that lesson
a long time ago


Why do people keep calling me?
I just got a letter in the mail saying my credit limit has been extended. YAAAAY Credit Cards!


they're just doing that
because they like you

probably nothing to do with Christmas coming


Keeping a balance on a credit card is a suckers game. Pay them off ASAP.
I pay it off every month...I am 32 and have NEVER paid interest on a credit card...I love my interest free loan...I charge large items in the first few days of the billing cycle (9th of the month) and I have the item for nearly 50 days interest free!!

Ie. The credit card company sends out your statement on the 20th of the month and it is due by the 9th of the next month. You charge something for $500 on Nov. 20th, the day your bill was sent out for Oct-Nov. And then the Charge Posts on your account the 21st and then you get billed for it on your Dec. 20th statement and the payment is due Jan 9th. SO i charged $500 on Nov 20th and didn't have to pay for it until Jan 9th...That is a great interest free loan!
Fuck credit cards all together. 2 bank accounts at SEPERATE banks is where it's at. 1 spending account, 1 saving / short term investment account. Use debits on your spending, never on your savings.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
yea have to add to this one, i just paid off a 9500$ balance that i was carrying for years, i have two more and then i will be credit card free and i will NEVER get another one. as a matter of fact i think im going to quit using credit all together.


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Yes you can pay over the minimum payment. Call them and tell them to apply the overage to the cash advance.


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I do it all time. I make payment online wait like 3 days for payment to clear then call them. Also make balance tranfers to a card wth a lower rate.