Fuck you emotions(bitching about a break-up)


Just had a 3 year relationship end a week ago and I'm just annoyed with the fucking mood swings. It needed to happen as logically, I'm just too different from her in a lot of ways that matter to her (spiritually in large part) and while I can get past some of the ways she's different from me, I definitely would prefer those things be there.
So, mentally I'm fine with it, but the fucking random 'miss her being around, etc' mood swings are just annoying. It just blows my energy and motivation to do shit(yes, I am trying to keep busy and I do have stuff going on that is good/helping me distract myself a bit. I just needed to rant about this somewhere as obviously doing it on FB or anything like that would seem like I'm screaming for attention or would just cause unnecessary crap.

Yes, I know, walk it/drink it off/go bang someone else/etc deek.

3 year relationship ended, emotional roller coaster is pissing me off.


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I've had many relationships but none of them were very long and they all ended with me hardly caring that is was over.

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Hang out with your boys. Do whatever it is you like to do... Drink a few, fuck a new girl. You know the drill.


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What's this spiritual thing about? Who ended the relationship? Get into the meat, sir, the meat!


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
beat your dick like it owes you money


What's this spiritual thing about? Who ended the relationship? Get into the meat, sir, the meat!
She's very much into it(Eastern theology) I'm not, she did.

Oh, forgot to add this to the first post:



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I'm thinking about turning my ceiling into a Jackson Pollock painting, so I know what you mean.
Ever thought about how many bitches you could be going after if you weren't with the one you have? Happens to me all the fuckin' time. You, sir have an opportunity here. Take advantage, meet some girls, if it ain't pretty damn good right off, move along.