Fuck you To Allergies

This is terrible, I dont think I've had allergies this bad in years, anyone else getting allergies bad in the last few days?
Well knock on wood but not these last few days but a week or so ago yes!!! It sucks.
My girlfriend has the worst allergies in the world. Here is a suggestion that worked for her. MOVE TO NORTH CAROLINA LOL
The air is different down here and her allergies haven't bothered her since we got down here.


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I hate smog more.

Before medicine was discovered for allergies, doctors would suggest to their patients that they move to a different climate.
jesus christ, its worse than ever today... feels like my head is gonna explode and I'm taking clartin which doesnt seem to do much.


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I sugguest, if your at home ofcourse. Boiling water, putting it in a bowl, adding some of the special Mr. Miyagi mix and inhaling or add some cocaine, whatever suits you. Cause none of that allergy medicene works for me. I have itchy allergies, my nose and throat constantly itch, the only cure is getting drunk, numbs it all.

On the real though, I have no remedies for you. I guess we just have to wait til' allergy season ends.