Fuck you to Ikea


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I had a panick attack in Ikea on saturday because the fuckin shopping carts won't go strait because all 4 wheels turn. What a shit store that place is. I spent 2 hours in there and then finally left everything in the cart and just walked out and drove home.i hate that fuckin store.


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::::Tyler Durden::::Hey Ikea boy, when did you go psycho::::Tyler Durden::::

I've never been there. The looks of it reminds me of the Gap of all furniture stores. <--Make sense out of that. It had a point. In my brain atleast. That's the way it came out, so figure it out. ;)
Holy Shit i was there on Saturday also. I hate the shopping carts and how you have to look for what you want upstairs and then go downstairs to the warehouse and pick it out. Then wait on hugeass neverending lines. The only thing that makes it a worthwhile time is the hot ass women you see shopping there.


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Ikea sucks, they put stuff on sale and the first day there out of stock, thanks for the wasted trip.


Never go on a weekend if you want to avoid the massive turd worlders.