Fuck you to me & my salsa

Made my infamous Habanero salsa.4 14 oz. cans of diced tomatoes,onions secret ingredients,12(TWELVE) fresh,large,fire orange Habanero peppers,little cayenne,little chile piquin. OMFG why do I do this to myself,I can't feel my lips,my nose is dripping snot,my eyes are watering,my tongue is on fire. Yummy,plus huge endorphin rush,but fuck,is it hot.Not "hot pace picante sauce" hot,but "Holy Shit" hot.Pretty soon I'll have molten lava coursing through my guts,I don't know why I do it. Side note,I hate Jalapeños.
I never understood why people like food so hot you cant taste anything over the spice on the food. I've tried it and it's horrible. As you said above, you are in a blind state of shock after you eat it for a very long period of time. It may only be 2 minutes but when you can't see past your tears and your tongue is on fire and feels huge, it feels like forever.

I like some fire in certian things but overly hot shit isn't food. It's crap.


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next time skip the habaneros and go right to Guatemalan Insanity Peppers.


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yeah its your fault, dont complain about something you have COMPLETE control over. its not like someones pouring that liquid death down your throat

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instead of 12 habaneros, use 6. You may still enjoy the flavor even with all the spice

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pussy.... ha, just playin, i couldnt handle anthing near this hot. i like alot of spice, but not the insane kind.
There's a fine line between good hot and torture...you've stepped over that line, my friend...

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Ugh... how about those people who give you those ridiculous 'gimmick' hot sauces as gifts? FLAMING SPHINCTER SAUCE!, 100% PAIN SAUCE!, EL PASO JOE'S INSANITY FIRE SAUCE!


Like the label on the bottle is what makes a good hot sauce. Meanwhile... it's all the same flavorless volcanic crap that you can't even use because a single drop will render five gallons of chili inedible.

Pain is not a flavor, people.

Tabasco, Trappey' s Bull, Durkee's, Frank's Original... all fine products. No need for all that silly, schticky FLAMING ASS!!! bullshit.

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In my world of hating doctors and taking medicine... Its a useful tool in the clearing of my snot filled congested head.

My friend Johns mom use to make hot pickles,,, slice em and they would sit in a bucket full of hot shit, the longer they sat the hotter... If I was feeling stuffy ,, I would stop by Johns say " I need a pickle" and voila!

Why don't you just spray yourself in the face with pepper spray?


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I hope you stocked up on toilet paper. Your asshole is going to burn.

I love hot sauce. I just picked up some independent hot sauces last week.

I like using hot sauce by Blair's. My latest bottle is Blair's Sweet Death.

Its a hot habenaro sauce, with some mango pulp to sweeten it up.
I had some once that was habanero,peach and vidalia onion.Fucking delicious.


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I love hot foods, but if the salsa looks like paste, I stay the fuck away. My asshole burns for days afterwards and I can't stop shitting.

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There is a place in the county where I live that make the best wings ever. I always get the HOT, and I always love em sooooo much but hate myself for getting them. They have great flavor but fuck me the end result is:

1. Sweating all over my face in the restaurant
2. I look like a ni@@er eating them and licking my fingers
3. Beer tab is way to big at the end of the meal.
4. My asshole kills for the next 18 hours.

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I like the hot stuffs. I prefer it hot enough that when I kiss the wifey her lips are burning for the next several hours.