FUCK YOU to NikkorTheMonk's sister


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Jul 28, 2007
This is a ginormous FUCK YOU to my cunt sister-in-law.
My husband NikkorTheMonk's niece, is getting married tomorrow. Great, huh. Today, he gets a text from his sis. "Uh, yeah, the girl's getting married. Tomorrow. At noon. You can come if you want." The girl only got engaged, like, a week ago.

What. The. Fuck.?! He's not some goddamned "stranger" uncle you only see three times in 15 years. He's not Uncle Paul. Nope. He's been one of the only stable fucking adult males in her life for the last 15 years. Stood in for her father when the Sis and her ex were divorced. Bailed the sis out with at least 10K in cash when she couldn't feed her kids when she was still married to the loser. Fucking took this girl and her sister to theme parks, the mall, bought her all kinds of shit, colored Easter Eggs and made sure both girls had Christmas the first few years after the divorce. Was at every graduation and prom and fucking dance recital.

And then he gets a fucking TEXT at 4:45 the day before a noon wedding on a work day that says "Come if you want." Fuck that. It's bad enough this dizzy bitch is picking fights over shit that their widowed mom is cleaning out her house and giving to him or me. It's bad enough that she's now calling me "not family" after gladly taking my cash for her kids, my time, my resources for 10 fucking years. You can fucking do to me whatever you want. But you don't DARE fucking treat your brother like shit when all he's done is back your ass up and be there emotionally for your kids. Don't you dare get all huffy when he texts back "I'm completely crushed" because, yeah, he did daydream about maybe being asked to walk her down the aisle. Or at least take the pictures. For free. As always. So, thanks for that emotional maturity.

And I'd better not hear you creating drama over his decision not to break his back to change his work schedule around and get there tomorrow. It's obvious you could give a fuck about his feelings. He, and I, is done caring about yours.

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Mar 30, 2006
I'm going to assume that this wedding was planned about 10 minutes before the text was sent. Don't take it personally. And go to the wedding. It's not worth the drama to not go.


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Apr 26, 2006
How fucking rare are "normal" families these days?????

I was in a wedding two years ago where both the bride and groom and all members of the wedding party (total of 8 people) were from "normal" nuclear families. Mom and Dad married before the kids were born, still married (except for the best man, whose father died, but his parents were high school sweethearts and were inseparable before poor Carl passed away), still in good relationships.

And no, it probably wasn't a huge coincidence that everyone was pretty successful and had their shit together, too.

Shit on "square" families all you want, and I'm not saying you should stick with someone who's abusive, but for fuck's sake do people seriously think the entire "well, we're breaking up for our kids' sake" really holds any fucking water? No, no you're not. You're breaking up because you don't like your spouse and you're justifying it to yourself that your kids are going to be better off. You know how your kids can be better off? If you and your spouse figure out how to be fucking adults and stop being selfish dicks. Because if you two were really the selfless parents you claim to be, you'd be selfless spouses, too, and you'd figure out how to make it fucking work.


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Jul 28, 2007
Maybe you misunderstood vms. We're not these girls parents. My family
Is as you describe (nuclear, intact, stable family) and so is
His. Until his father died this winter his parents had been married
More than 50 years. My dh have been together for ten and
Married for three. We haven't had kids yet. My bro in law
Has been married for twenty. Two kids. These girls mom, shes
The aberration. She got knocked up as a teen. Married the guy
And divorced him. Trucked the girls back to her hometown.
The father is wothless and manipulative. My sil is damn lucky
She had such decent parents and brother. My family would
Have kicked me out.
Anyhow, someone said not to create drama over this. Neither
One of us is. Its just the latest string in a long line of bullshit
Drama my sil creates and then tries to guilt trip you over later.
Shes a damn martyr and just loves to tell everyone how
Wronged she was without ever mentioning tbe things you tried
To do to help her out. The point of my rant is tbe fact up
Until a few weeks ago, my dh DID believe he had one of those
Good families. Its breaking his heart to realize he can't be
Party to her drama anymore.
And btw he didnt go. I guess its good riddence now.


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May 16, 2007
Fort Collins
As long as we're discussing fucked up family weddings and such.

My mother's side of the family is a train wreck. Not so much her parents(RIP my Grandmommy :( ) or my family, but her brother's family is a disaster. My uncle(her brother) has been married 4 times that I can think of, maybe 5. He has children with 4 of them. All varying ages, the oldest being my age(26) who has two kids, one is a bastard. She's about to get a divorce. My cousin also just had a kid, he's 18. My other cousin from the same family has a kid with a different father who just married another man. I have another cousin, whom I've met(and only known of for a year or two) once that has a kid or two and married to a wife beater. Then I also have another really younger cousin, whom I can't remember the name because it's so similar to her stepsister's.

All that said, I went to the wedding of the cousin that got married to a guy who wasn't the father. Well, I guess I should say went through a wedding ceremony. Because they were already fucking married by a judge prior, they just decided to have a wedding a few months afterward. Every person that was there was introducing me to their ex inlaws, new inlaws, etc. You want to talk about a low rent redneck wedding? I was there living it at a state park eating shitty, shitty food and drinking the worst chemical tasting fruit punch I've ever had. I couldn't believe everything I was seeing and being around.

I've never, ever seen such a mess of a fucked up family tree live and in the flesh.