Fuck you to the guy who threw the kitten out the window of his truck this morning!!!


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I'm driving home this morning on a busy 3 lane state road and I see a Pickup about 15 yards in front of me in the passing lane throw something out of the passenger window. It hits the road and I notice the tail first..I jam on my brakes. It's a fucking kitten! Little fella is all disoriented and starts across the road.. He makes it to the other side. I get the plate of the truck then get to where I can turn around safely and come back to look for it. I don't find it. I report the truck to the police. Fuck you asshole!.
And I am not a cat person.


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I hope the cops actually find the guy and he has a fuck ton of outstanding warrants that earn him a trip to big boy PMITA prison. Fuck people that do shit like that.

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Yeah, when throwing cats out windows, don't fuck up traffic. Fucking assholes.


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He shoulda thrown it out the driver's side.


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Hahhahahaha you are a bunch of assholes!!!!!
Not news to me, but fuck you guys!

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I guess the game of life made him feel like quittin'.
If the cops catch him they should put him inside of a big burlap sack with a bunch of pissed off cats with sharp claws.