Fuck You to the Press!


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I fucking hate the Press and the news. These motherfuckers are so fuckin phony with their disingenuous sympathy and phony broken hearts. They don't give a fuck about nothing but ratings and their next big story. They dont give a shit about the soldiers or 9/11 and as a matter of fact I'm completely positive they would eat their own young and sell their family into slavery for the next big step. A huge fuck you goes to FoxNews who should change the name of the station to "FoxNews Alert" because every god damn 2 minutes that chime goes off with their fucking phony graphics and banners (which everyone station has as well). Fuck the press for spinning news stories and always trying to be the one with the inside knowledge and trying to scoop motherfuckers. A bunch of dishonest phony scummy fucking weasels.


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Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.


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That thing is the worst sound in the world when it interrupts Red Eye. I could care less otherwise.


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one of the many things that cracks me up about the news is when they switch subjects to something dark (a murder, kidnapping, etc) and everyone in the studio including the sports guy has to put on thier best "this is serious folks" faces and shake their heads slowly. But then it's right back to showing squirrels on little waterskis! Even better is when it goes the other way and everyone else has to quickly wipe the grins off their faces when anchor guy #1 intros a hate crime story.