Fuck you, vet!


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No, not you military.

Fuck the mofo veterinarian who gave me a fucking mountain of pills to give my mutt, who is 15. She hates me cramming my hand down her throat, and I hate doing it.

Velveeta ...
Ummm peanut butter ritz cracker sandwiches? Worked for our Border Collie....


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I was never able how to figure out how to get my dog to take pills (tried hiding them in his food, but he would just eat the food and spit out the pill). Fortunately I was a kid so I just had my mom do that stuff.


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Put the pills in the reservoir tip of a condom, but, and this is important, snip the end of the tip off before throat fucking the dog. The pills will be injected far down the throat.


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I have an English Bulldog and hiding it in peanut butter that you wipe on the roof of his mouth works good. Just had to give mine a round of antibiotics for a skin infection.

I thought you were going to bitch about the wallet ass-rayping you get every time you go there. I don't think I've ever had a vet visit under $250.


How many milligrams of Valium for a 75lb mutt? (It's so he doesn't freak out about the fireworks.)
How many milligrams of Valium for a 75lb mutt? (It's so he doesn't freak out about the fireworks.)
Ummm you could give him Benadryl (1 mg per pound)... to calm him down.


Get him a Thunder Shirt.... our GSD could give a Turkey about loud noises but the Husky/Siberian cross we are taking care of starts panting and hiding. We ended up wrapping her mid section (loosely) with an ACE bandage and it seemed to help.


Luckily, he's a very well trained mutt (GSD/Lab mix) and didn't need any meds.


well shit the bed
i just put the pill in my ass and the dog licks it out like a champ

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Too bad humans aren't treated the way animals are for Lyme. It's usually not debilitating if treated early with antibiotics.


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They also sell pill pockets at petsmart, a soft hollowed out dog treat put the pills in squeeze together
Wifey picked up a package of these marvelous things this afternoon. Truly better than Velveeta! Thanks.