fun addicting game

I'm not such a huge fan of defense games like this, but it wasn't too bad. I got thru 111 waves om the classic level 1st try, no idea if that's good or not.


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i only got through 72 waves
Directions too long...lost attention span
yea the game starts off slow but gets a lot harder after about wave 60


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I got to Wave 115.


Just made it to 124.


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I'm on classic. Just finished wave 123 without even a tiny problem. I rarely even get to see the attackers.


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Christ, I can't even beat 30.

Is anything even useful other than the turret and missles?


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I was annoyed. I only actually played this game once, and it was going so well (as I said months ago, I was at 123 and had barely a problem), so I stopped paying attention for a little while. I went back to looking at it maybe 5 minutes later, and there were enemies everywhere and I was done like a minute later. Maybe I should have paid attention and started adding some weapons.


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182, damn, it suddenly gets intense so many times.


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162 on ells, damn I was doing so good.


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343, I shit you not. The key is, after you get your basic guns built, to put a bunch of the stun things at the begining to slow them down and create a bottleneck, then build more guns and a LOT of damage increasers. Don't spread stuff around--concentrate it, but make sure the enemies are stunned (slow).

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I got to wave 41 and with this strategy I dont understand how I lost so soon.


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Dave, you need far less units and more upgrades. you should be able to get to level 40 with 5-10 turrets.


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lv teh d-fnc games.

now im stuck playing this one, as well as Bloon Tower Defense (see thread here)
i was trying to give up these damn time consuming flash games too, grrrr.
(tho, Bloon is a quicky)

good game tho, thx.


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Here is an example of an effective starting formation: