Funniest O&A bit you've ever heard


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Now, this has to be timeless, meaning it makes you laugh out loud every time you hear it.

I remember listening live and laughing hysterically, and listening again nowadays it still actually makes me laugh out loud. Not many bits are like that. Which bit for you will never get old and will just make you laugh like a child every time you listen?
Seems like I'm a little sweet on Chippy tonight.
After O&A but I found it funny anyway.


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This one kills me every time.

Two all time classics-Heather Mills Miscarriage

Mocking an anti-abortion video in which the fetus delivers a monologue prior to his abortion...



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For whatever reason, this gave me a huge laugh when it was originally aired.



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Two brief bits immediately come to mind. Both involving Patrice.

Even my Dad chuckled at this and he's a miserable cunt who doesn't laugh at anything. But he hates women so I guess that's why this video appealed to him.

And I laughed so long and hard at this I'm sure my neighbours heard me.



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"Hey whore, have some mustard!"


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there are loads

and jimmys animal/tree rants


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Not the funniest, but the most compelling to me comes from the pre-XM era. Did not listen back then but they ran it on a replay a few years ago ...



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Funniest for me was the 1st egg nog challenge, heard it on replay on my afternoon drive ...

Too lazy to find it, but it was Pat's show debut.

IsThatATrain ?

Some things look better with a few dents in them.
Who's that chubby lil fella in the middle ?

Mocking an anti-abortion video in which the fetus delivers a monologue prior to his abortion...

This would be my choice. I'd never laughed so hard at the radio before, or felt so awful for doing so.


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I love the Woody and Jim thing where Opie used to work with Jim.

Toothpick Sculpture guy

There was also the very old bit in the WNEW studio where they had an author on, tore up his book and left him alone in the studio...that was the old 3-7pm FM Days and I remember being at work and listening to that whole bit on wbcn....I think it was some sort of math magician book...

And of course the best "The CD must be scratched" bit ever...Steve the whistler