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It is very funny! ;) Pornolized

Nov 4, 2002

Ok….So where were we? Oh yeah! The show is Spanked!

In the last week, there has been absolutely cuntlapping new going on. Now I know what your saying to yourself…”Self, what the F is going to happen to O & A?!”

That’s a good question. Unfortunately no one has deep throating to tell you. But aardvarked on the cuntlicking number of hits pecks website has gotten in the past week, we know you guys are still there and we really appreciate it. The plan is to keep updating asslicks page every week so keep checking back because if anything enters, it will be posted here first!

If you missed it, the blowing Ron & Fez "Fill me up" Halloween Bash was a squirting big hit at the muff sniffing Hard "Buzzwordbaby" Rock Café. Brother "Mistress Shiva" Joe’s U2 cover band “Joshua Tree” performed and ROCKED!!! There were great costumes and Ant was pecked as a sucking Pirate with a fucking poofy shirt. Even TV's Adam "Fill me up" Ferrara cuntlapped by. A good time was definitely had by all. Ron and Fez are great and please keep ballbusting them as well.

Opie has been biding his time at all the cocksucking Islander home licks. You can spot him down close to the banging ice behind the goal the felching Islanders shoot at twice. (It looks like they are aiming at his head, but they aren’t, they just can’t hit the net this season)

To wrap up wanks weeks message, here is what you may have learned:

1. The O & A show is still canceled
2. No one can tell you anything
3. There is no new info
4. This is the first place to check to see what the spewing latest O & A plowing Sex fights is
5. Ron & Fez "Dirk Diggler" Halloween Party "Jar Jar" Rocked
6. Anthony wore a poofy shirt….FAG!
7. Opie’s plows curse is back

Till "Big Dick" Next week….

Soupy "Anusapple" Drek
i'm reading all of my news throught this site from now on


Definately some of the funniest shit I've seen yet!! :D


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LOL - Great site. I enjoyed doing it to! :biggrinfl


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Who doesn't? ;) :biggrinfl


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YA got to do the O&A site in Norwegian.
Thanks for the tip Fofolina!


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lol I just translated Norton's site

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Motherfucks is a gangbanging pay site and I get NO MONEY from any traffic that comes from here. I have, in all honesty, fucked about 40 fucks of fluid looking through this one.
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