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I was at the barber shop yesterday when i see this kid i know. He started H.S. the year after i graduated and went to my old H.S. so i was asking him about what teachers where still there and shit. Turns out listen to this shit cause i laughed my ass off. There was this faggot loser religion teacher who used to tell us in his class that god was calling him and his mission was to become a priest blah blah blah and all that other blah blah blah. So we never took him seriously and cause we all thought he was a fucking pyschopath waiting to happen. So what happened was this kid told me that religion teacher is now in a mental home. I was laughing my ass off. He got all fucking crazy and started screaming shit in the classroom and ran out of the school screaming that god was calling him and he had to go. When everyone went outside to see what happened this fucking nut was outside infront of the school on his knees balling his eyes out crying like a bitch. The kid told me they took him away and nobody has heard from him since. Fucking nut with his religion we always said it would drive him insain. I told that fuck oneday listen man you dont need church you need some pussy, and of course he said well i must get married first but god doesnt want that for me. Fucking pussy ass nut.


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Sick shit. Some people just take religon too serious. That actually gives me a flashback to my first day of JHS 7th grade. I swear in elementary school I was the man, I ruled. Then the first day of JHS I was all jazzed like I am going to take over this school turns out, there was alot of tall people. I was towered over by everyone that passed me in the hallways. All the class switching from period to period started getting to me, I started hyper-ventelating, I dropped to me knees and yelled at the top of my lungs "I can't fucking breathe!!!!!". All I remember is the sheer look of terror on people's faces as they passed by me. Then I passed out.

I woke up in an air conditioned principle's office. With a cold glass of water in my hand. So now the whole school knew me as the sick kid who yelled in the hallway and passed out. So it all worked out in the end, I winded up getting a reputation again. :)

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Heh heh LOL!!! Mav. I was the wiseass in HS. Always saying something i shouldnt to the upperclassmen. Onetime when i was a freshman i wrote this girl a love letter she was a junior and i gave it to her on the school bus. She then stood up in front of everyone naturally she was sitting in the front and i always sat in the back of the bus and ripped up my letter in front of everyone into a million pieces.


I speak the human language
What a cunt!! I hated those stuck up bitches. They would always get egged the worst on Halloween. Sometimes we just did it for kicks. I remember this one girl stuck up to be damned, hot as sin, but a real cunt. I cracked alittle hole in an egg, pissed in it and just drilled her in the back of the head. It was NICE!!

Two years later I wound up fooling around with the same girl at my sisters 20th birthday party. Which proves my point that if you treat a girl like shit she will come a knockin'. ;) sorry girls. ;)
Heh heh LOL thats pretty funny you drilled a hole in an egg and pissed in it. LOL :) One other time i remember i had this pyschobitch who claimed she ate a bad cheeseburger and mysteriously lost all that weight over a weekend or someshit. Anyway point is i didnt believe her but she was gonna try and fuck with me on the school bus. So me not needing anymore detention i was already serving a 2 month sentence for fighting with another kid was ready to bounce out the emergency exit of the bus. I lifted up the lever to open the door and this redlight went off along with an alarm the bus driver yelled at me. So i was like shit what am i gonna do should i bust this bitches jaw or is it really wrong to hit a bitch? Or should i just run cause im gonna lose either way even if i dont hit her im gonna end up getting in trouble anyway. So i ran out the emergency exit and that pyschobitch chased me trying to get me in trouble and so did that fucking bus driver and they did not catch me i ran and hid in the library where nobody would even think i would go. I fucking got busted anyway cause the bus driver was so pissed he went to the principal and ratted me out.