GAME CHANGE, HBO Movie about Sarah Palin


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This is a great movie that shows some interesting shit about the 2008 campaign. There has been some debate about the truth level of this movie, but I am tend to believe that there has to be truth in this. For the first time ever I feel bad for Palin. This also goes to show how stupid the republicans can be.

I will also say that the acting in this movie is unreal, it is like they are replaying tv from 2008.

(I know that the democrat stuff is real, I mean the republican convention and shit like that)
I love the book... I don't have HBO at the moment, so I'll have to see it later online.
John Heilemann and Mark Halperin are on "Morning Joe" all the time, which i watch for some reason. They've been pimping it pretty hard; it does look good.

But I really do have Mark Halperin and his half stroke face smile.



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She is being portrayed as a fucking dope. I know that she is dumb, but god damn I hope that she really is not this dumb in real life.
Well, if I remember, the book isn't really taking shots at anyone. And when Heilemann talks about it, he says how much crap she went through, and kind of applauds her.
Even though I'm pretty sure he thinks she's a dope.

From the clips I've seen, the movie does seem well done. Ed Harris seems to nail McCain.


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Holy shit this is painful I feel bad from this dumb cunt
Just making her seem real stupid?
Heilemann has talked about how she really was just completely oblivious to some things, like global politics, economic issues, etc. Not in a "I hate Palin" way, but just in a for reals kind of thing.

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I bring love and cheer.
they needed to make a movie about a dumb cunt, to show shes a dumb cunt, when everybody already knows shes a dumb cunt, and doesn't care anymore that shes a dumb cunt


I can't think of anything funny.
Watched it and it is tough for me to feel sorry for Palin. If this thing is reasonably truthful for the last 30 to 45 minutes where she got to big for her britches, fuck her even more.

ps. Not sure that I have ever seen Julianne Moore hotter than she was as Sarah Palin.