Game recommendations for a non-gamer with a new computer


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Fellow baggers,

Im not really into video games, blamed mostly on attention defecit issues, but i just bought a new computer, and a 24" LCD and I want to check some games out...who knows, maybe I will love them.

Im not into any RPG's. Part of my problem with today's games is I dont like to have to think alot. Thats why I like NES/SNES. You go left or right, shoot and jump once in a while. Its brainless fun.

But I want to see how some of today's newer games would look on my new rig. Im mostly looking for something action, easy and fun. Maybe like a GTA type game or a shooter.

I have a Core 2 Duo E6600 with 2GB DDR2 800 RAM and a Geforce 7600GT card running at 1920 x 1200

What are your suggestions?


Going by scores. Bioshock. But I have not played it. I still play Battlefield 2142 a lot.


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Can never go wrong with Counter-Strike. A little dated, but still as fun as nude pre-teens.

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Hang on fellas! Bioshock & Counterstrike are incredible, but it is a pretty big leap from NES to those.

Start with casual gaming. It's the closest new thing you will find to NES gaming, and most of them are super-easy to get into.

Try this list.

Something like Mexican Motor Mafia (#5) is a cool old-school GTA type game. Personally, I thought Oasis (#21) was one of the best games I'd ever played on any system.

If you insist on getting a big-boy game, Prey is about as easy as it gets for shooters.
I didn't play in on PC (I played XBOX 360 version) but you can't die! If you do, you just go to a ghost world for a few seconds, recharge your energy, and come right back.


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starcraft if you like strategy games


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i'd go cheap and say Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds...


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i'd go cheap and say Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds...
Battlegrounds II has major issues on dual core systems, I dunno if they ever fixed it, I had to hax mine so the game only utelizes one core, but it's fun as shit.

But I think the guy should try a free trial of World Of Warcraft.....


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Half-life 2. Nothing like smashing a radiator through a zombie's head.


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HL2's orange box in a few months.
Then you'll get EVERYTHING.

World of Warcraft.

Painkiller if you like to tweak out.


I also love supreme commander, but it's a hard one to pick up.
Can never go wrong with Counter-Strike. A little dated, but still as fun as nude pre-teens.
Speaking of Counter-Strike... has a lot of servers for different games such as Counter-Strike:Source, Day of Defeat, Insurgency (another great MOD), Quake 4, Battlefield 2, BF 2142 and some of us are starting a small Madden '08 thing. So, join up and take a gaaaaander at it.

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