Game Show Moments and Awkward Kid


Listening from the Future

This is a video where a heavy-set African-American women is competing on The Joker's Wild and is just completely in over her head. She answers questions nonsensically, she shows Ralph Kramden-esque panic on her face every time she is asked a question with a multi-syllabic word in it. Hilarious.

Michael Larson, using the fact that the Big Money Game played on the early episodes of Press Your Luck locked the same pattern over and over again , runs the table collecting over $100,000. I had heard about Larson's run, but even knowing the result, I couldn't help feeling really nervous for the guy while watching this.

Bonus: These videos are presented by some recent high school graduate who is awkward in a way that will make you cringe. He says ironic comments in a deadpan manner. He also mispronounces words here and there.

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