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Something I thought I'd never do is watch other people play video games. I remember thinking how stupid it was to have TV shows on TechTV and G4 that were basically just that ten years ago. Now these videos make up a good chunk of what I watch daily on youtube. Watching these videos even inspired me to give Minccraft a go, something I had zero interest in, but turned out to be very interesting game.

What game video channels do any of you watch? I watch Yogscast and AlChestBreach mostly. Yogscast is known for Wow and Minecraft mostly, but cover a lot of other games. Alschestbreach does a lot of different FP games, but mostly covers Fallout, New Vergas, and Skyrim Mods.


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I've only really done it when stuck on a level and reading a walkthrough didn't help. I was just thinking last night of trying raiding in Wow and watching some videos before I try so I don't loook like a complete moron.


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No specific ones but I could watch gameplay videos of the Arma 2 mod Day Z for hours


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Michael1985 is the only one I watch play. He rules.

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Depends on the game. If it's one that's going to be a fuck to pass, I'll watch after I've stopped.