Gangsta Fag: I'm a hoax!

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a) thats fucking hilarious

b) I think I might need to read his book. The title sounds like something I could use.
no homo.

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Click on bio and read the part where it says OnA on Sirius Sat Radio. Get it right pretend faggot it is XM.


Why can't us?
O&A need him back on the show to talk about it


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oooh now I can go after my dream pretend-gay rapper. Life is good.


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The Opie & Anthony XM Satellite Radio Show (O&A) was the first to play GF’s controversial Cd and it became an instant hit amongst their 5-million listeners.
Perhaps a little more then that :icon_wink


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My name is Anthony Clark. I am extremely happily married and have been with my wife for 15-years. I am also a devoted father who is extremely active in my 8-year old daughter’s elementary school..........

I think I found him funnier as GF


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Give the guy alot of credit. Not many people would do that act.


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I agree, he did a great job with the character. The songs are hilarious regardless.

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Oh Gangsta Fag you always have an angle...

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Trading warriors for illegals works, right?
He also revealed that his name is Todd, and he has a life coach.
OK, fine. I'll be the 1st one to say it.

I find it pretty lame he came up with this fake bit. The stuff on air was funny but I feel cheated and lied to.

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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
He fooled me. I'll still let him touch it.


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Hoo Hoo...I created Gangsta Fag Robin...Hoo HOO