Gangster Squad - Brolin, Gosling, Penn, Nolte, Stone, Ribisi, 1940s-50s L.A.


From the guy who brought you Zombieland. Release date is still unofficial. Sometime in October-November. Looks pretty cool.


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I'm in. And as much as I can't stand Sean Penn and his doucheyness he looks good as a 1950's gangster. I guess they have a few prosthetics on him.

An ensemble cast with Robert Patrick in it too? hmmmmmmmm Now i want to go play LA Noire.


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I like how the Jay Z song fit in well with the 1920's dialogue and footage.

I think I'll be able to wait for the DVD. I love the whole cast (Penn doesn't look great in this), but it kind of just looks like stylized horse shit. A lot like Public Enemy. If a good review comes out regarding the story, I'd pay to see it in a theater.

And TS nailed my main thought about the trailer. Fucking Robert Patrick...hell yeah.


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Sean Penn is a little thin to play Mickey Cohen, other than that I wonder who's playing Johnny Stompanato?


Sean Penn is a little thin to play Mickey Cohen, other than that I wonder who's playing Johnny Stompanato?
I was waiting for you to post here. Give us the skinny - what's this story about?


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I am not certain about the story, as it seems like something out of a pulp magazine of the time, which I don't mind. But Mickey Cohen ran Los Angelas with Jack Dragna. I am not that familiar with organized crime in the west coast, I know some stuff but not a lot. I know more about Cohen's bodyguard Johnny Stompanato than I do of Cohen.

Johny used to date Lana Turner, and by all accounts he liked to beat the shit out of her. That lasted until 1958, Johny supposedly started to beat Turner in front of her Daughter, her Daughter, Cheryl took a knife and stabbed Johnny to death. Johnny was also a giant pussy, there is a story of him acting like an asshole on a set of a movie that Turner was in with Sean Connery, called Another Time, Another Place. Johnny was acting like an asshole on set and pointed a gun at Connery. Connery takes the gun from him and beats the piss out of Johnny.

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Warner Bros. responds to Colorado shooting by changing Gangster Squad
And the studio moved swiftly Friday to pull from exhibs and online outlets the trailer for "Gangster Squad," a period drama that featured a scene in which agents spray machine-gun fire into a crowded movie theater from behind the screen. Given the eerie association created by the Aurora shootings, Warner Bros. has since decided to remove the scene from the film, which opens Sept. 7, and is putting reshoot plans into motion, a source with knowledge of the situation told Variety. Warner Bros. would not comment.|News|FilmNews


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Ehh . . . I think it would've been a better move to just postpone the movie till sometime next year. It's not like the original cut won't wind up on the Blu-ray eventually anyway.


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This movie is getting terrible reviews. Though the more ads I see for the movie, the more I can only think about pretty Emma Stone in pretty dresses.

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I saw the flick a couple of nights ago. It was rather meh. Didn't offend me, but I didn't loathe it. There was a problem with to e. one minute you're laughing, the next minute Mickey Cohen is butchering someone. It's kind of bizarre.

And Emma Stone is pretty... Fuck Ryan Gosling.


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Got back from seeing today and it is ok. It is worth checking out but I would wait for redbox/HBO to see it. Like Bill said, the pacing is really all over the place but I thought everyone was pretty good in their roles.


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That seems to be the general opinion. Not horrible
but nothing noteworthy either. I'll see it on Fios I guess.