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Combat Garden Gnomes Kill Pink Flamingos For Fun!

Posted 8/12/11 11:28 am ET by Don Hatfield in Geek Gifts

Garden gnomes have been getting some bad press lately with a certain travel site making the age old garden protectors seem... less than smart. They’re tired of it (can you blame them?) and have taken up arms to remind everyone just how serious their job is -- somebody has to keep those pink flamingos in check, right?

Actually these angry gnomes come from prop replica hobbyist Shawn Thorsson of Petaluma, California. He hand casts each one and equips them with either an AK-47 or an M16. Sadly, the only gnomes available on his Etsy page right now are of the unpainted kneeling variety and he‘s asking for $40 if you want one -- at least you’ll be able to choose your own color combo.

If you want to see how the Combat Gnomes “came to life” you can head over to Thorsson’s Flickr page. He’s a got a nice photo set over there documenting the casting and painting process as well as photos showing us how the Combat Gnomes interact with their natural habitat.

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I prefer gnomes from the ninja collection...