Gary Heidnik - Serial Killer


South Dakota

Read this. You won't be able to stop. It's fascinating.

A couple of excerpts from the story:

Later when Deborah Dudley began to cause trouble, he unchained her and took her upstairs. When they returned, Deborah was unusually quiet and solemn. After Heidnik had left, the others asked her what had happened. Stammering with fear, she told them that Heidnik had taken her into the kitchen and showed her a pot he had on the stove. Inside it was Sandra Lindsay's head. He then opened the oven and showed her part of Sandra's ribcage that he was roasting. Opening the fridge, he pointed to an arm and other body parts that he had wrapped in plastic and told her that if she didn't start obeying him, she would be next.

On January 18, Heidnik went out again and returned with another girl. He had picked up a tiny eighteen-year-old named Jacqueline on the north side of the city and brought her back to the house. As before, he ***** her and dragged her to the basement but when it came time for the chaining, he found that the shackles were too big for her tiny ankles and used handcuffs instead.


All out of Bubble Gum.
I know I have at least 3 books on serial killers. So I'm interested.

Buster H

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i remember when that shit happened. Fucking insane.

Something I found interested when reading it just now. The judge at his murder trial, Lynne Abraham, ended up becoming the DA in Philly for close to 20 years. Total cunt.