Gate way problem


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gateway w3501 is the make and model. I'm trying to reset the bios password for my buddy. His cunt ex put a password on it and refuses to give it to him. Any help would be helpful...
Here you go:

Q: How do I clear the BIOS password?

A: The following steps guide you through the process of clearing the BIOS password.

Turn off the computer.

Open the computer case.

Swing up the drive assembly and on the motherboard, locate the light green JCMOS1 jumper block. The jumper block is located on the bottom left corner of the dual inline memory modules (DIMM) slots.

Place the jumper on pins 2 and 3 for clearing the passwords.

Turn on the computer. Wait for an audible beep from the computer. A message appears stating that the NVRAM and password have been cleared.

Turn off the computer.

Place the jumper back on pins 1 and 2 for normal operation.

Return the drive assembly back to its operating position and slide the case into the sleeve.

Turn on the computer.