Gateway Trade- In

Today i got this letter in the mail from Gateway. Since i have had my Gateway PC which is a Pentium III 450 MHZ, 128 MB of RAM, DVD, & 19" Monitor for over 2 years they told me i could trade it in for a new better PC they have and it gave a source code and customer service number to call to find out more details if you are interested. So i called and they only wanted to give 230 dollars for my computer. Oh hell no that is a rip off. I see what they are trying to accomplish here and i didnt fall for it.


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
That computer sounds ok. I wouldn't sell it if I were you.
Oh hell no im not gonna sell this shit. Epescially since they where only gonna give me 230 bucks for everything if i traded it in.
Yeah but IOHN, I can buy a machine like yours for about 400 bucks. So basically that is a decent trade. You should just upgrade your board and chip.