Gay Football World Cup kicks off


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Mar 26, 2005
Washington, DC
More than 500 footballers from 28 countries are getting ready to kick off at the gay World Cup in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

The holders, London's Stonewall FC, are among the favourites, with the US and Argentina providing the closest rivals.

It is the first time the cup has been held in Latin America.

The annual event, in its 17th year, is about serious football and has a serious message, but players also seem keen to enjoy the city's nightlife.

Player and media accreditation was done in a restaurant - while the closing ceremony will take place in a nightclub.

The competition is enjoying substantial support, with backing from the Argentine Football Association - something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

"In New York people are very accepting of us"
-- Jim, New York Ramblers

But Buenos Aires is fast earning a reputation as a gay-friendly city and its love for football is second to none.

Twenty-eight teams representing cities from the US, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Germany, England, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, among others, are taking part in a week of games.

Jim, from the New York Ramblers, said gay football had attracted a lot of support in his home city.

"In New York people are very accepting of us and we actually play in several straight leagues where for the most part people know what we're about and they understand.

"Actually a lot of times when we say that we're this gay team, they actually think it's cool in New York - like, wow, there's even a gay team."

Also built into the programme are discussions on homophobia in football and a number of parties.


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Jul 30, 2005
BumFuck-Egypt, KY
Isn't it hard to ran and kick the soccerball whilst wearing a pair of sandals???