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Is there a program that will run PDF files other that Arbat or what ever the fuck it called. I'm sick of the fucking thing to ask me the grade the the newest piece of boated shit program. Why do companies keep making their programs over sized with shit that you never use. I also need a MOV player because I hate new Quick time player that want you to sign up for Itunes and runs shit in the background.


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1. You can grab a real old version of Reader at I believe you can tell the software to stop reminding you of upgrades. I personally dont think its a big deal to install the newest version though, its not really bloated, only the application itself plus and upgrade checker service (which can be disabled) - plus many PDF's you'd find online want the newest version.

2. You can download Quicktime Standalone (without iTunes) at Or, if you're anti-apple you can use VLC @


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foxit is great. If all you plan on doing is just reading pdf's then its simple fast and works great.


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Look no further my friend....Foxit is exactly what you need.

No spyware, no nag screens, no running "update" software in the background which takes up memory. Reads everything that Acrobat does without Adobe's intrusive bullshit. It's free.

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