Gene Simmons sex tape

What the fuck?? He should be embarrassed for keeping that recording.


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i love the pants around his ankles still...what a tool


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That girl could not possibly be less into him
That doesn't look like a guy with thousands of conquests. He must have a closet full of Polaroids of disappointed and sexually unsatisfied women.
When he goes face to face to her, she turns her head. :haha7:

He's wearing his pants around his ankles, like he just got off the shitter to answer the phone and what the fuck is up with her wearing flip flops??? This wasn't spur of the moment, you have a cam set up! Have heels on or nothing...unless you have a flip flop fetish.

This vid sux! I used to worship KISS, when I was young. At least whip out that tongue and use it for cryin' out loud.

"You can act like Gene Simmons,( slap!) what's the matter with you?"


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That is some sexy shit right there....I dig the music bitchiness's.
Who'da thunk that Gene's "secret" is a small hog...

Do the b-b-b-boys play that music in the background the next time that he calls in to shill his crap?


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Is he banging her in a teenagers room? That video is awful and Gene is a wiener


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The guy's like 60 and he's banging a 20 year old blonde with big tits, so I can't trash him about this video. Even with the small mule and awful music.


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pathetic.....he has no excuse for fucking that badly. Now I know why he and Shannon have an open relationship. She enjoys getting fucked proper by other men. :icon_roll

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Expains why he took himself out of Celebrity Apprentice.


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wow i stink. next time i steer clear of the Kiss/Hog Thread