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We all like football, we all like football news. Post stories, signings, deranged theories, etc here

Dolphins cut Trent Green et al. Parcells starts cleaning house apparently
  1. QB - Trent Green
  2. QR - Marty Booker
  3. OT - L.J. Shelton
  4. DT - Keith Traylor
  5. OT - Anthony Alabi
  6. DT - Anthony Bryant
  7. OT - Marion Dukes
  8. DT - Marguay Love
  9. OT - Joe Toledo

Kenechi Udeze has some sort of leukemia

Ravens will Franchise Terrell Suggs, if they can't sign him long-term

Steelers sticking with natural grass

Panthers cut LB Dan Morgan and LG Mike Wahle..that opens up $6 million in cap space for them

Giants P Jeff Feagles says that he'll come back for a 21st season; K Lawrence Tynes signs a 5 year deal to return


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K Lawrence Tynes signs a 5 year deal to return[/URL]
Really? Because of one kick in Green Bay? He is still not good. The Giants never have a good kicker. I dont remember anyone decent since Brad Daluiso


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I'm glad the Steelers are sticking with grass. Who wants a perfect a surface for every game, all the time? It adds a little character to the stadium.
I'm glad the Steelers are sticking with grass. Who wants a perfect a surface for every game, all the time? It adds a little character to the stadium.
Dude there's a difference between having characther to a stadium and that bog that was on the Monday night game. Its all fun and games, until one of your players tears their ACL. Just switch to the hybrid turf. As a Redskins fan, I have a funny feeling I'm in for a dreadful offseason. Take six weeks to hire a coach and we wind up with Jim Zorn. As much they need a true #1 receiver, these Chad Johnsons rumours don't sit well with me. The last thing I want to do, is sit through another draft without a pick until the second day.


I suggest you tread lightly
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That Monday Night Game was an exception, not the rule. It was the result of the Rooney's trying to do the right thing and replace the turf for the game but they only had time to lay it on top of the existing turf. It would have been fine had it not rained, or even rained lightly, but it was one of the biggest rainfalls in recent history in Pittsburgh. It's never been that bad before and wasn't that bad after.

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didn't Heinz Field also host 3 high school title games and a U of Pittsburgh game that weekend?
didn't Heinz Field also host 3 high school title games and a U of Pittsburgh game that weekend?
Yeah. I guess its part of the lease agreement because Heinz Field was built by the city. I understand what Hoagie is saying about that MNF game was a one time exception, but when the NFLPA votes that you have the worse field in the league, you should switch over to the hybrid turf.
texans need a RB, secondary help(BIG TIME) and OL help...curious to see what the texans do this offseason...get rid of ahman green? ha...what a waste

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well I guess that pretty much means he's a lock for the HoF when he retires

That's a bunch of Dolphins that Bill has released already
Parcells releasing Thomas, comes as a suprise. Zach seems like he would be a Parcells kind of player. What's the over/under that Thomas winds up in New England. Also does that mean Jason Taylor could be traded.

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I would actually be kind of surprised...Thomas will be 35 in September, spent all last season on IR from concussions/migranes. New England is already old enough at the linebacker position, they're not good enough to pull off the solid 3-4 without getting exposed repeatedly

I wouldn't be shocked to see Taylor getting traded for a 2nd rounder or something like that...he's still only a year removed from being the NFL Defensive player of the year. He may get shopped around...god Knows the Jets could use a defensive lineman who can get to the QB

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well that didn't take long....

Patriots make offer to Zach Thomas

he's also apparently going to make visits to the Saints & Cowboys...unless of course he signs with the Pats said:
Report: Patriots make offer to former Dolphins linebacker Thomas

Always looking to turn another team's castoffs into their stars, the New England Patriots offered newly released and longtime Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas a contract Monday, according to a published report.

Thomas made New England the first destination on his offseason tour of free agency stops.

"We had a great visit in New England," Thomas' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told The Miami Herald in a text message Monday evening. "They offered him a contract and we will continue negotiations."

Next up for Thomas, according to the newspaper, is a stop in New Orleans to visit with the Saints. On Wednesday, Thomas is expected to meet with the Cowboys.

Thomas was released by the Dolphins on Feb. 14 after playing in only five games in 2007. The 34-year-old Thomas missed most of last season because of concussions and migraines and was placed on injured reserve against his wishes in December because of nagging migraines, an aftereffect of an Oct. 21 car crash.

Thomas' age doesn't appear to be an issue for the Patriots. Current New England linebacker Junior Seau is 39 while Tedy Bruschi is three months other than Thomas. Both Seau and Bruschi are free agents.

Thomas, a seven-time Pro Bowl linebacker and one of the most popular and productive players ever to wear a Dolphins uniform, was the 154th player chosen in the 1996 draft out of Texas Tech.

Thomas led the Dolphins in tackles 10 times during his 12-year stay in South Florida and is the franchise's all-time leader in that category by a wide margin. His 168 games is the most by any Miami defensive player.

Thomas was remarkably durable in his first 11 seasons, missing only 13 games, and recorded a career-best 165 tackles in 2006 -- an indication he wasn't exactly slowing down.
Bears cut WR Mushin Muhammad, give DE Alex Brown a 2 year extention

Ravens franchise Terrell Suggs at Linebacker...he'd get more money if he was franchised at DE

Bengals franchise OL Stacy Andrews

Chiefs franchise DE Jared Allen

Chiefs sign Billy Cundiff to a 2 year deal


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well that didn't take long....

Patriots make offer to Zach Thomas

he's also apparently going to make visits to the Saints & Cowboys...unless of course he signs with the Pats
The Pats are really turning into the NFL equivalent of the Yankees or The Lakers of a few years back... "sign up all the old guys looking at one more shot to get a ring"

I particularly liked THIS story....

In wake of Giants' success, watch teams stockpile speed rushers
By Pat Yasinskas

Two weeks ago at University of Phoenix Stadium, the New York Giants made the perfect quarterback look imperfect.

As New England Patriots passer Tom Brady took hit after hit and got sacked five times, 30 other teams were taking notes and thinking about the future. The Super Bowl rings the Giants will get in a few months will be their reminder of victory, but a prolific pass rush might end up being this team's legacy.

The NFL long has been a copycat league, with the 3-4 defense and the zone blitz taking turns as popular trends in recent years. But New York might have shown that the purest and most productive way to fluster a quarterback is the old-fashioned way. Take a speedy defensive end -- or, in the case of the Giants, two or three -- and just turn him or them loose.

It sounds easy enough in theory, but there's a reason the Giants made it work to perfection. They've done a masterful job of stockpiling speedy and athletic defensive ends and getting them on the field, even if they're not all lining up at defensive end. The value of that became obvious in the playoff run and unquestionable in the Super Bowl.

Although a lot of other teams have been content for years to go with one strong pass-rushing defensive end, an ordinary starter on the other side and a couple of mediocre backups, New York has made it a priority to load up on true pass-rushers and not worry much about their ability to stop the run.

In the past five drafts, the Giants have selected six guys who have played defensive end in college. All six of them were prolific pass-rushers in college. Not all have worked out, and not all have stayed at defensive end, but that philosophy still has given New York an uncommon pass rush.

The Giants got 32 sacks in the 2007 regular season from starters Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora and backup Justin Tuck, who also plays inside at times. Give plenty of credit to coach Tom Coughlin and general manager Jerry Reese for making the most of this talent, but don't give them all the credit for acquiring it.

Coughlin took over in 2004, and Reese came on board before last season. Former GM Ernie Accorsi and former coach Jim Fassel started collecting defensive ends back in 2003 when they drafted Umenyiora to go with Strahan.

At the time, a lot of teams would have viewed having bookend pass-rushers as a luxury. But the Giants didn't stop there. In Coughlin's first two drafts with New York, the Giants took four more players who were prolific pass rushers in college. They took Isaac Hilton and Reggie Torbor in 2004 and Tuck and Eric Moore in 2005.

Hilton and Moore are no longer with the team, but Tuck's versatility has made him a fixture in the defensive line rotation and Torbor made a smooth transition to linebacker. New York really seemed to go overboard on defensive ends in 2006 when it used its first-round pick on Mathias Kiwanuka.

The Giants played Kiwanuka as a backup defensive end as a rookie before moving him to outside linebacker before the 2007 season. Kiwanuka went down with a season-ending leg injury in November. But New York still had a strong pass rush from Torbor and the defensive ends. It also helped tremendously in the Super Bowl when the interior linemen were collapsing the pocket and making Brady run into Strahan, Tuck and Umenyiora.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo was in his first season in that role, and he helped the pass rush get stronger late in the season. It should only continue to get better. Strahan is nearing the end of his career, but the Giants have enough defensive ends and converted defensive ends on their roster to survive that and stay strong up front for years to come. But don't be at all surprised if Coughlin uses another draft pick (or two) on a defensive end this year.

And don't be surprised if a lot of other teams start trying to follow the lead of the Giants. Virginia's Chris Long, Clemson's Phillip Merling, Florida's Derrick Harvey, Ohio State's Vernon Gholston and Southern California's Lawrence Jackson all fit the mold of pass-rushing defensive ends. Long, Gholston and Merling are viewed as likely first-round picks, Jackson and Harvey as guys who could go late in the first round or early in the second round.

But those are early predictions. Starting Wednesday and continuing through Feb. 26 in Indianapolis, the league must go through the scouting combine and individual workouts. That could push five or six defensive ends into the first round as the rest of the league gives more thought to how the Giants won the Super Bowl.

Pat Yasinskas covers the NFL for
Paper beats Rock, Rock beats Scissors, Giants beat Patriots.
i really hope the Texans spend there 18th pick really well....i really want Stewart out of Oregon...but RB's can wait till later rounds....we need CB's badly...or a safety....hopefully we'll resign Will Demps along with Andre Davis......
I'll wait till the Thomas is holding up the Patriots jersey, before I say I told you so.
damn, they franchised Haynesworth...totally didn't see that one coming....*sarcasm*


Totally unlikeable
looks like there may be some quality not bank breaking free agents out there this year


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The Zach Thomas sweepstakes are over.

The seven-time Pro Bowl linebacker, who was released by the Dolphins last week, has agreed to a deal with the Dallas Cowboys. Thomas flew to Indianapolis on Friday to meet with owner Jerry Jones and president Stephen Jones, who were there for the NFL combine.
The move is somewhat shocking in that, at one point, Thomas had considered canceling his meeting with the Cowboys after meeting earlier this week with the Patriots and Saints.

Thomas remains in Indianapolis with his new employers and could take a physical as early as Saturday.

Thomas' family members are lifelong Cowboys fans, and that may have played a part in the decision.
Son of a fucking bitch, out of all the places he could have chosen, the fucker went to the Cowboys. This improves the Cowboys even more, and makes it harder for the rest of the NFC East.

I used to like Thomas, not anymore shitdick. I hope you die in a fiery car crash Zach Thomas..