General Bitching and Moaning about your car/truck thread

Mice are assholes
Gay assholes
Worthless pieces of shit
Saw one in the house just a half hour ago
1st one in a few years
5 traps baited and deployed
3 different types
If you use anything other than a Victor electric mouse trap then you aren't doing it right. Best mouse trap in the history of ever. Electrocutes mice - never misses.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
I’ve got mice in my garage and it’s exceedingly irritating, I trapped a s few but haven’t found where they are living, I will probably go into a towel bin or a cabinet and find the nest, the little bastards got into my tool box in my old house and destroyed a few books on machinery that pissed me off

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That WiFi trap is a good idea. I might pick up one of those because I suspect we still have mice in the attic.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Went through another bottle of C25... this is my second bottle, I actually had to leak check it to make sure I wasn’t losing gas. my Tig lead was leaking bad one time losing more gas tha it was putting out, now granted I’m using the “small” bottle but damn I’m doing a fuck load of welding.
That little MiG 180 is earning its keep and working flawlessly, I highly recommend one if you’re in the market for a welder, I did have to put a new tip on it but those are consumables, it’s kind of funny because when I was working I never gave much thought to “consumables” now that I’m paying for them? Fuck you, I’m using that grinding disk till it’s a nub


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Well I got everything on the bed welded up and the first coat of aluminum reenforced filler on the outside, and I cleaned up my shop.
I also got my bumper, now I know this is kind of petty but, I really need to bitch a tad, both of my bumpers came with pre made holes in the bumper, the bumper manufacturer made the holes to fit these lights ;
Rear back up lights


Now, I’m not cheep, but I’m also not fucking stupid $700 for auxiliary lights? Now as it stands I have miss matched lights in the front and it sends my OCD into a fit, and yes I can get them cheaper from amazon but they are still what I consider excessively expensive for what is essentially a useless thing.