George 1943-2001


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I know most of you arent into his kind of music but if you are a musician you know what a talent he was. Ill miss him thats all I needed to say.
This is a huge loss for me, and all Beatle fans. George was the soul of the band,
and not just " the quiet Beatle". He will be missed.



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I have some bootlegs with George playing solo and jeeze I have been playing for 36 years and can only wish.
"6 Hours for a Brief Solo

His solo for Lennon's "I'm Only Sleeping," recorded in 1966, shows his fastidiousness. To mirror the dream world quality of the lyrics, Mr. Harrison devised a solo guitar line, wrote out its notes in reverse order and overdubbed it onto a recording of the song that was running backward. To complicate matters even more, he recorded two versions of the solo — one clean, one with the guitar distorted — and combined them. His contribution to the three- minute song took six hours to record. " Quoted from the Obit in the New York Times. 12/01/01

I've been playing since 1964, and I'll never achieve anything that great.

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I've seen Ry Cooder, Lowell George, and Duane Allman in person, but there was never a more talented slide player in my lifetime.