George Lopez: USA is only in the USA!


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The guys today played a clip of Lopez ripping off Dave Chappelle . I believe he said something like this. "This is the only place a black man and a woman could run for President of the United States of America." I couldn't believe the boys never called him out on this DUMB STATEMENT! This is the ONLY place called "The United States of America" so he is RIGHT! This is the ONLY place they could RUN for that title! Is it just me that finds this statment dumb? It's like if I said "The only place to listen to O&A live on XM is on XM!"
Is it a stupid statement? Absolutely.

Did it deserve its own thread? Probably not.


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Gems like that are why your 0.33 posts per day seems excessive.
At least George is a Mexican, unlike Ned.
Well here is a topic to make something out of this non-thread. I'm not going to try defend Mencia, but his act is just the same as Lopez's, but good old Ned gets shit on for it.


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By the way, it's stupid to say that Lopez might have been stealing that joke. I'm sure a million people have thought of the same idea/joke that a President would be safe because there was a less desirable person as the Vice President. The "America is the only place you could run to lead the United States" that BraffStaff brought up was just a silly misstep by George.
he did butcher Dave Chappelle's joke about being president with a mexican vice president


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Did Chris Rock do a joke kind of like this but about a Black VP? Not sure


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Yeah, I think he did. I think it was that the safest VP to have would be a black one, because nobody would assassinate the President if a black man was next in line.


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A dyke and a spade walk into a bar......they were campaigning for the DNC nomination.


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Lopez was one who gave Mencia shit about joke stealing and now whos stealing jokes? LOPEZ. What a two faced bitch.


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This thread makes my ass itch.

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A dyke and a spade walk into a bar......they were campaigning for the DNC nomination.
On Hillary and Obama possibly joining forces and running as Pres and VP:
"I don't know if America is ready for that. Hell, I don't think I'm even ready for that at the mall."

Full Disclosure: I can't remember which comic it was, but that came from one of them at the Car Crash comedy in Philly and made me chuckle.