Get To Know Your Fellow WackBag-ers

I borrowed this questionaire from my friend's band's site.

Name: Michelle ****
(a.k.a.): Shelle, Bink, Hey You, Overinflated Ego Bitch
Location: right here baby ((NB NJ))
Mission: To Consume The Most Marlboro Cigs on the weekends, and provalone cheese on the weekdays
Status: dating and mating
Stupid Human Trick: too many to say
Special Saying: "I'm only still here to prove you all wrong"
Date of Birth: June 08
Eye Color: hazely blue green with some gold ((and you think i'm just f'd up THERE))
Hair Color: brownish red
Left/Right Handed: left
Sex: is fun
When alone I like to: uuhhmm
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Occupation: student/slacker/annoying person
Hobbies Include: writing, sleeping, spending time on here, making people laugh, and singing badly
Quote: ... i'll think of one later
Flaw(s): i'm really annoying, and complaing way too much
Pet Peeves: i have a lot, but i don't bother pointing them out ((did i mention i'm lazy?))
Sports: hockey hockey hockey, skating ((is that a sport)) and sometimes baseball and the rest
Music: ahhhhhhhhh all kinds :D
Food: i love my aunt's food... too bad i can't really get it anymore; plus some greek, italian ((always)) and whatnot.
Overused Word(s): yeah, ok, uhm, suuure, yup, and then, ahhh, he's hot!
Love: is all you need
Kids: are going to pick out your retirement home

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"Good, Coz If You Lost Your Sense Of Humor, I Wouldn't Wanna Talk To You"

"Hi I'm Bam Margera, And I Feel Like Kicking My Dad's Ass... all Day" - Bam Margera, Pride Of West Chester, PA
Name: Mikey
Location: Da Bronx
Age: 32
Mission: To make more money than God
Status: Wife 2 Kids
Stupid Human Trick: None
Special Saying: Why is that There?
Date of Birth: Nov 9th
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Left/Right Handed: Right
Sex: All the Time
When alone I like to: Punch The Fuckin Wall
Tattoos: 7 so far
Piercings: none
Occupation: Excavation, Local 731
Quote: ... Go Fuck yourself
Flaw(s): None!
Pet Peeves: I have a Dog
Music: I love music that makes me crazy
Food: Italian
Love: what is that?
Kids: got 2, I love women so much I created 2 of them
Favorite actor: Robert Deniro, Al Pacino
Favorite car: Corvette and Cadillac
Nationality: Italian
Hobbies: Corvettes, Cars, Harleys, Computers, Drag Racing, Ham Radio, Gadgets, Work, Talk radio,
Favorite Tv Show: Andromedia
computers: 5 and a Pocket PC


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Name: Kristen
Location: clifton nj
Mission: to be hurt sooo many times
Status: I hate boys
Stupid Human Trick: touch my tongue to my nose.
Special Saying: huh?
Date of Birth: sometime in August
Eye Color: light brown
Hair Color: auburn
Left/Right Handed: right
Sex: female
When alone I like to: cry
Tattoos: no
Piercings: 18 of them
Occupation: nothing
Hobbies Include: listening to music, going out with friends, reading and writing
Quote: Look at me,u may think u see who I really am.But u'll never know me!Everyday its as if I play a part.I can fool the world but I can not fool my heart!Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me,when will my reflection show who I am inside
Flaw(s): I smoke and I think very little of myself
Pet Peeves: I hate when ppl lie and I hate when other ppl use my things
Sports: softball
Music: mostly ska
Food: i dunno
Overused Word(s): whatever, go to hell, and fuck you
Love: sucks
Kids: shouldn't have to be raised in today's society, makes them crazy.


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Name: Amy
(a.k.a.): Mimi, Miney, Shortie, Angel Amy, TALLIE
Location: BORING ASS, NJ
Mission: ummm to be FAMOUS
Stupid Human Trick: i can call into a radio show
Special Saying: "Im an Angel"
Date of Birth: Sept. 9, 1983
Eye Color: GREEN
Hair Color: dark brown
Left/Right Handed: right
Sex: VIRGIN HEH HEH (as sctoso would say)
When alone I like to: what the fuck do u think
Tattoos: wanna get one
Piercings: ears
Occupation: student, sales associate (dont that sound professional)
Hobbies Include: listening to radio, writing, message boards, COMEDY, sports, music
Quote: "Never Underestimate the Psycho Factor in My head"
Flaw(s): i have way too many to count
Pet Peeves: i dunno
Sports: baseball, football, soccer, hockey, COLLEGE backsetball
Music: ne thing really
Food: oh shit, i eat a lot
Overused Word(s): well yeah, i dunno, shut up, hehe, DUDE
Love: is one of the most important things in life, if not the most important thing
Kids: shhhhhhh dont tell skank yet

I had something funny in mind last night on what to put here, but I forgot...
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doesnt get the bit guy
Name: Roy
Location: Long Island
Age: 29
Mission: To turn tragedy into comedy.
Status: Wife; always lookin for more action though.(1 kid on the way)
Stupid Human Trick: Celebrity Mimicry
Special Saying: STRENGTH IN HONOR!!
Date of Birth: Nov 29th
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: I have hair?
Left/Right Handed: Left
Sex: Yes, please!!
When alone I like to: figure out new voices
Tattoos: In my mind im covered like YAKUZA
Piercings: 1 right through my head, a big hoop.
Occupation: Network Engineer
Quote:I'm just a ordinary average guy.
Flaw(s): Manic Depressive with sociopathic tendencies....I got a long list, you got time? A difficulty being very serious.
Pet Peeves:HATRED
Music: Metal, Punk, Classic Rock
Food: Chicken Parmagiana
Overused Word(s): fuck,mother fucker, asshole, cocksucker,douchebag, ass monkey
Love: Of course
Kids: looking to buy one, I know a guy....
Favorite actor: Samuel L. Jackson, Brendan Fraser, Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, Nicolas Cage
Favorite car: Baracuda and Dodge Shelby Cobra
Nationality: Martian w/ Irish and Italian mixed in.
Hobbies:Celebrity Impressions, Computers, Half Life, Porn, Movies, Music, Reading,STRIP CLUBS
Favorite Tv Show: Almost all shows on FOX except Mondays
computers: 1

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Name: Adam
Location: 'Money Earnin' Mount Vernon
Age: 22
Mission: To make Bill Gates my bitch.
Status: Single and looking... Help a bruddah out!! :)
Stupid Human Trick: I dunno, make a request and I'll let ya know. ;)
Special Saying: Uh.....
Date of Birth: 24 May 78
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Left/Right Handed: Right
Sex: Not enough.... :(
When alone I like to: rub one out or get lost in Unreal Tournament
Tattoos: None, do birthmarks count?
Piercings: None
Occupation: Computer Technician
Quote: "I can make an inuendo at ANY given time."
Flaw(s): Borderline paranoia, with a touch of psychoticness
Pet Peeves: Stupidity
Music: J-Pop/Rock, Metal, Punk, Dance, Techno, Rap, R&B... In that order!
Food: Anything with dead cow...
Overused Word(s): Uhhh, fuck?
Kids: None, but if you need one, i have the sperm to give.
Favorite actor: The Wayans.
Favorite car: PT Cruiser
Nationality: Black with a touch of Jamacian (ick), and Native American.
Hobbies: Computers, videogames, hanging out
Favorite Tv Show: WWF!
Computers: 3, that includes 2 laptops

Akane you dummy!!!!

Your local anime resident. :)
Name: Jay.
(a.k.a.): jayjay, bigshow, killer.
Location: Jersey City, NJ.
Mission: Get rich quick and retire young.
Status: Single and ready to mingle
Stupid Human Trick: punch trees.
Special Saying: Fuck, shit, cunt, motherfucker, etc, etc, etc.
Date of Birth: October 31.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Brown.
Left/Right Handed: Right.
Sex: with Jennifer Lopez is great!!!
When alone I like to: Get myself into trouble
Tattoos: I have 2 and have plans to get more.
Piercings: none
Occupation: Umemployed graduate.
Hobbies Include: Chilling, Music, TV, Music, WWF, Video Games, O&A, R&F, WFAN some hosts like Steve Sommers.
Quote: ... I dunno.
Flaw(s): Temper.
Pet Peeves: Next Question.
Music: I listen to everything.
Food: Eggplant Parm.
Overused Word(s): Fuck, Shit, Douchebag, etc
Love: is blind.
Kids: are gonna be twice as bad as i ever was.
Favorite actor: AL Pacino.
Favorite car: Chevy Tahoe, Ferrari, Benz.
Nationality: Italian/Irish.
Favorite Tv show: Sopranos, OZ, NYPD Blue, South Park.

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I speak the human language
name: Billy
a.k.a: Mav, Billy boy, Alkie
location: long island
place of birth: Queens
status: 21 feel like a 40 year old drunk with social anxiety
special saying: I gotta go grab a beer and piss.
Eye Color: Blue
hair color: dirty blonde
The rest is heresay, I am a likable dude, and I don't care to bash people. Peace and love inc. Oh yeah and I love pasta. preferably rigatoni ala vodka. peace
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#14 poster in this mad world
Name : Army Mad
Location: Brooklyn N.Y
be back later to fill out


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Name: Luciana,Lulu,Lu

Location: Belleville NJ

Mission: To be the best mom I can be to my angel of a child

Status: Some What Taken but Connected Spiritualy!

Stupid Human Trick:Hmmmm *winks*

Special Saying: Well Ya,Fuck,Holy mother of God,Fuckers,Cunt,Bucket of Jizz,Waste Of Life,Should Have Been a Blowjob.

Date of Birth: 11-21-77

Eye Color: Brown

Left/Right Handed: Right

Sex:: Female

When alone I like to: Hmmmm! watch bangbus porn,talk to friends,Meditate,oh ya and Masterbate

Tattoos: 3 Unicorn with a Rainbow on my chest,Love Mom and Dad on my Leg,and a Rose On My Shoulder

Piercings: Nope

Occupation: House Mom

Hobbies: Spending time with my son and family,Talkin on the phone,Checkin out The Lawndarts Punk band,Goin to Comedy Clubs,Posting on wackbag,Playing on neopets,Voice Chat,Chatin on Messenger,Taking WOW shots for Foundry

Quote: You Fuck You Cry You Live You Die You Go To Heaven Or You Fry Thats Life!!!

Flaw(s) I still Smoke Ciggs,Cursing to much

Pet Peeves: I Hate to be nagged,Also I hate it when you are doing something like house work and someone is looking over you.I hate to be Orderd Unless it is done sexual then thats Diff

Sports: Baseball,Football

Music: Punk,Metal,Freestyle,Sinatra,50's&70's&80's Hair Band music

Food: Italian,Meditranian,Spanish

Overused Word(s): Fuck,Shiter,Fuckers,*sigh* Blah

Love: It's There and I love the Vibes I get

Kids: 1 and He is my adoring life
Name: Nikki, (Miss. Nikki if you're nasty..LOL)
Location: Northeast Ohio
Mission: Ummm....??? I'll figure it out when I accomplish it.
Status: Single!
Stupid Human Trick: I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
Date of Birth: April 8th
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown w/ blonde highlights
Left/Right Handed: Right
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Occupation: student
Hobbies Include: Dancing, music, shopping & WOWing
Quote:"Don't frown..ever. You never know when someone's falling in love with your smile"
Pet Peeves: Ignorant people who think they know everything, but actually know jack shit.
Music: Mostly Rock, but I will admit to indulging in some pop
Food: Does chocolate count? If not, Pasta

I love Sex

my reply is already on here, a few things need to be corrected but im not going to edit them

you can figure it out cant you?
Name: Dafna, Daf, Butters

Location: Long Island, NY

Mission: To be sole ruler of the world, but in reality, to be some top notch lawyer working for the unions

Status: Don't get me started

Stupid Human Trick: Ability to drive at 75 mph and change the CD in my car.

Special Saying: Uh-uh!

Date of Birth: 09-19-82

Eye Color: Green

Left/Right Handed: Right

Sex:: Female

When alone I like to: If it's extremely hot out, then tan topless.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Hole in each ear

Occupation: Student, Teacher

Hobbies: Playing, watching, talking hockey, playin my piano, guitar, painting, bitching on Ferrall in the AM, hangin out.

Quote: "If we understood why we do the things we do, then our lives would never be in the chaotic state that they always seem to be in"

Flaw(s): I whine/complain too much

Pet Peeves: Chicks that think if they act idiotic, then it's cute, being badgered about deadlines, um....I'm pretty happy go lucky.

Sports: HOCKEY

Music: Classic rock, Ska, every now and then the cheesy 80's music, Alternative.

Food: Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese (sushi), Italian

Overused Word(s): like, damn, uch...

Love: mmmm, you should just love the one you're with -- csny

Kids: None, but I love my neice.
Armymad.... please stop bringing back Old threads!@!!!!:hamm:

Originally posted by I love Sex
my reply is already on here, a few things need to be corrected but im not going to edit them

you can figure it out cant you?
yes Amy, we already knew it was you.


Name: michael march

Location: philly

Mission: rid the world of idiots

Status: lesbian

Date of Birth: 2/12/75
Eye Color: brown

Left/Right Handed: Right

Sex:: male

When alone I like to: i am never alone:mad:

Tattoos: celtic cross on calf and chinese symbol for love on forearm, american indian eagle braclet on left wrist

Piercings: nope

Occupation: machinist

Hobbies: reading,sports (playing/watching),jaming, hanging

Quote: "ummm whu?"

Flaw(s): moody mf'r

Pet Peeves: stupid mother fuckers,hangovers

Sports: football,baseball

Music: just about everything

Food: seafood,cheesestaeks

Overused Word(s): "and what not". "not for nuttin'..."


Kids: 4 yr old girl (alanis)


Equal opportunity ass-kicker
Name: Marishka a.k.a. Jamie Bond, Jay, Mishy, Pooshock, You little shit
Location: Las Vegas
Age: 20
Mission: Prove everyone wrong, find a place where I belong, and never wear a thong (I don't butt floss) ;)
Status: Single, not looking
Stupid Human Trick: I can write with my left hand... I'm right-handed. I can also do a Cher impersonation and blow smoke rings.
Special Saying: Stop looking stupid and run!
Overused Words and Phrases: Anyways. Cool. Whatever. Awesome! Dude. Umm... Say what? No way! Move, stupid.
Date of Birth: December 23, 1981
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Originally brown. These days it varies depending on mood and occasion ;)
Left/Right Handed: Right but have been doing stuff with both hands equally... No, it's not what you think. :pp:
Sex: No, thank you. :rolleyes: Wha-at? Am I the only virgin on Wackbag??
When alone I like to: sleep; watch TV; read the phonebook, find people with celebrity names, call them up and drive them nuts. :D
Tattoos: none so far but plan on getting one
Piercings: never say never
Occupation: Pain in the ass but I don't get paid for it (yet)! :D Here's what I do for a living: build websites, teach computers, clean houses and hate being so damn good at it.
Quote: I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. <slurp>
Flaw(s): Too shy (unless slightly inebriated), can't dance too good, :coold: tend to flush red and break into British accent when nervous
Pet Peeves: Feminazis, people with no sense of humor, religious zealots, and stupid assholes in general
Music: All kinds of music sound good when I'm drunk. :D Jimi Hendrix, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Cher, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi
Food: Black coffee and a cigarette
Love: stinks
Kids: Negative, unless they clone me.
Favorite actor: Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Bruce Willis, Robert DeNiro, Jackie Chan, Adam Sandler, David Duchovny
Favorite car: Jaguar, Chevy Caprice, Toyota Matrix, 1957 Ford Fairlane <ducking and running from Stingray> :biggrinfl
Nationality: 1/2 Russian, 1/4 Turkish and 1/4 Ukranian. Suspected dash of Jew somewhere. ;)
Hobbies: Going to Vegas comedy shows, Drinking, Movies, Writing, Singing, Playing piano, Computers, Radio, Photography, Martial Arts.
Favorite TV Show: Old reruns of Married with Children and almost everything on Comedy Central.
Computers: It's all about the Pentiums, baby.

Anything else you wanna know? :pp:
It's nice getting to know all the people on this board. Now I know who i'm actually talking to. :)
Location: New York. Long Island
Age: 19
Mission: To piss off as many people as possible. Maybe become a history professor too
Status: Single
Stupid Human Trick: I can do voices
Special Saying: Dude(real original)
Date of Birth: January, 24'th 1983
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Left/Right Handed: Write w/left, throw righty
Sex:My favorite position is doggy peronally, nothing like hearing my own sack slam the back of a girl
When alone I like to: I'm a geek, I like to just sit and watch my TV
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Nope
Occupation: I sell Propane and Propane excessories
Quote: Act as if...your are the President of this firm. Act as if you have a nine inch cock
Flaw(s): Honestly, I'm really shy when you first meet me, and I tend to use racial humor at times, but it's all fun.
Pet Peeves: Ignorant people, x-girlfriends, and Jasmine St. Claire
Music: Rock! Old-School Hip-hop
Food: Steak and a baked potatoe w/a glass of coke-a-cola
Love: Umm? I really don't get this question, but no, I'm not in love right now.
Kids: Hell no!
Favorite actor: Damien Lewis, Ron Livingston, Tom Hanks
Favorite car: Viper, Bently, and Lincon Navigator
Nationality: Italian, Irish, German(I'm a kraut)
Hobbies: Sleep, hangign w/friends, acting stupid, gymmin it
Favorite TV Show: Alot, King of the Hill, Simpsons, Greg the Bunny, The Job, and Married with Children, never should have cancelled.
Computers: I use a HP, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, it stinks.