Getting an autograph without The Walkover

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Went by the FM studios and saw a few people from the show walk out but after an hour never saw the boys, wasn't standing in front of the glass for the first 30 minutes so they could have went out the little side door I saw E-Rock go through (subway or parking entrance? Looking in to the building its on the left).

What surprised me is the door man saw my photos of the boys, knew who they were and told me I could go inside to wait.

Did get a crappy photo will Bill Burr, my camera sucks when the taking a picture in the shade when the background is bright. Didn't want to bother him for a third try to get a good shot... super nice guy.

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The title of your thread is a question, but you tell a story in the body.

This thread stinks, and I don't like it.


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So did you get their autographs?

Could you post the photos?

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Was there a purpose to this??? Sorry to sound so snarky, but I thought you were going to tell us you got autographs or at least post the crappy photo of you and Bill Burr.

I could tell you one way to get an autograph but then I'd have to mention the pictures I took at the Virus show Saturday night and after all the nasty comments that I got on MySpace, I'd rather just forget I did what I did.

So, do does one get an autograph without a walkover? ;)
Actually, I meant to ask if anyone knows if they exit out of the same doors they use when doing the walkover. I never got the autographs since after an hour I figured I either missed them or there was another way to exit the building.

I might try Thursday and just position myself where I can watch the elevators.

Sorry for poor post, should have proof read it.


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