Getting Health Insurance For Myself...General Questions (Insur. Pro's Only)


Ridiculum Anserini
I'm in the process of getting health insurance for myself. It's not fun. I've never given it a second thought until I saw my Mom's medical bills. :icon_eek:
I've been to a Doctor a grand total of once in the last ten years, but statistics are banging on my door.

I only want to hear from those in the business, or HR people in the know...nothing personal (to the rest of you :action-sm)

I'll probably ask specific questions via PM's or direct contact, as I don't want the World to know all my soiled laundry. Mostly, it'll be basic cost effectiveness variables of monthly payments vs. deductibles, 100/80% coverage, annual out-of-pocket caps...etc. I'm leaning towards BCBS/Illinois (Bluevalue etc..), but am open to intelligent alternatives.

Thank you in advance...I think.