gilbert arenas cheats at halo3

Apr 11, 2005

the forum posting:

Using one of his three gamer tags (Agent Arenas is one), he'll start a "social doubles" game with a friend, each using a phony teammate. Once the game starts, the two phony players are eliminated, and the real players take turns beating each other up to drive up their experience points.

gilbert's gamertag profile
gilbert's cheatin friend

Aero 1

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Mar 18, 2005
a knitter cheating and stealing? i dont believe you.


I created FRED, fuckface. Show some respect.
Nov 20, 2005
Oh, that Gilbert... I like the nerd that calls him a loser. He's Gilbert fucking Arenas, unless this kid is Jordan or Bird, odds are he's not in the position to call him out.
Mar 15, 2004
Actually, I was just kidding. I know what Halo means.

We're up to 24 with the release of "Year Zero" right?