Girl's Party Leaves Dog In Coma


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Girl's party leaves dog in coma

Teen party mayhem: The Anscombs' dog Bailey was left 'comatose' after chewing unidentified pills left by gatecrashers

By staff writers
March 09, 2008 10:54am

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  • House trashed, dog in coma after party
  • Parents find handcuffs, underwear in child's bedroom
  • Teenage host unrepentant, in hiding
A BRITISH teenager has made Corey Worthington look like an amateur after her internet advertised party got so out of hand her dog was comatose and her house completely trashed. 15-year-old Gemma Anscomb told her parents she was having a few friends around for a video night. But instead she had advertised a party on social networking site Bebo and invited everyone she knew.
When Robert and Julia Anscomb arrived home the next day they found their dog Bailey unconscious. He had overdosed on ecstasy tablets. Their dining room floor was covered in four inches of beer, their lap-tops, iPods and jewellery had been stolen and they found handcauffs and underwear in their eight-year-old daughter's bedroom.
Mrs Anscomb told the Daily Mail : "We found underwear between the sheets and a pair of handcuffs." "What were they thinking? This is a little girl's room."
In her own bedroom the scene was little different. The walls were covered in black marks and there was evidence of group sex.
"There were six people in there having sex at one time. We feel totally violated."
Traces of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol bottles littered the house and the family estimates it will cost thousands of dollars to clean up.
But Gemma, who drank to excess and passed out at 7:30pm is not repentant. While she has gone into hiding she has managed to post comments about the party on her Bebo site.
"Yeahh it (the party) went wrong but it was well good. . . I mean it was f****** good," she wrote.



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Was the dog wearing any oven mitts?


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they found handcauffs and underwear in their eight-year-old daughter's bedroom.
Yeah, but they were already there before the party, the little slut.


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Waaaay back in the eighty's some silly little twat (14-15ish) was left home alone by her parents as they went away for the weekend. She had a party that was crashed by the "Brew Crew" (drunken jocks) who trashed the place and did an estimated fifty thousand dollars in damage (house was maybe worth $150K.)



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This is what Ant will be getting into next at the Eagle's Nest in LI. He better send Prussian Blue evites.



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She should have called this guy...



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Think that poor dog humped every leg in sight until it couldn't take anymore and went into a coma out of exhaustion???


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Holy shit. My brother & I used to throw parties when my mom would go away. We NEVER had any damage done. I guess maybe if the internets were around back then it would have been different.

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When I saw the thread title I thought the poor dog had a peanut allergy. ;)

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I had partys from 50 to 100 people all the time growing up... noone ever messed anything up.

Well, we burned down a barn... but we honestly thought we pissed that fire out!

my dad walked in once and found some dude getting blown... he was on a date with his new church going gf... after they walked in on that party... she wouldnt be left in a room alone with me. took me ten years to convince her i wasnt Satan.

we got a dog drunk on scotch once... took him with us on a beer run... he booked out of the car,, straight into a bar... and was up on stage with the band... he was hammered... but, i think he was having fun.

sure miss the 80's


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Puppy in a coma? I know, I know, it's serious.