Give my kidney back


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Give it back! Mom 'who was fired after donating kidney to ailing boss' now demands the organ is returned

The generous mother who claims she was fired after donating her kidney to her ailing boss is now demanding the organ back.
'You hate me so much, and I’m so despicable - give me my kidney back!' Debbie Stevens, 47, said, the New York Post reported.
The mother of two from Long Island, New York, had offered her kidney to her boss Jackie Brucia, 61, after she said she was struggling to find a donor.
Stevens has now filed a legal complaint at the New York Human Rights Commission claiming that the woman groomed her for the organ and then fired her - but Brucia has thanked her for the gift.
'I will always be grateful that she gave me a kidney,' Brucia told 1010 WINS-AM radio. 'I have nothing bad to say about her. I will always be grateful to her - she did a wonderful thing for me.'
For Stevens to get her kidney back, it would involve at least four surgeries.

She explained her decision: 'I feel very betrayed. This has been a very hurtful and horrible experience for me. She just took this gift and put it on the ground and kicked it.'
Stevens and Brucia met while working at the billion-dollar Atlantic Automotive Group, which runs car dealerships in New York.
After two years working as a clerical worker, Stevens left the company in June 2010 and moved to Florida - but returned for a visit a few months later.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
dead, so fucking dead, i would cut the fucker out while she was still alive.


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1) Fuck the donor for being this stupid. Why would she give her kidney to her boss? She almost deserves this.

2) Fuck the boss also, this can be a huge lawsuit, assuming there was no contract signed. Accepting a life-saving organ from a subordinate obviously puts you in a bad position... if the employee was kept on just for her kidney, that's fraud. If she was promised something (like a promotion) and then fired, that's fraud. The employer has to prove that she had no intention of firing her until after the transplant, and offered nothing in exchange for the organ.

2a) Unless this employee just started being a cunt after the transplant, then I'm back to saying fuck her.


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there is no cause of action here other than a potential wrongful termination

an anatomical gift can not be made with any conditions

even if they have an agreement, the courts will not enforce an illegal contract