Gmail 2.0


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Feb 18, 2005
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Philipp Lenssen said:
Google during the recent Analyst Day announced they want to release an updated version of Gmail that’s supposed to be faster than the current one, thanks to a JavaScript back-end rewrite. Also, the new version aims to improve contacts management. “Gmail 2.0” – possibly the announced update – was also mentioned in Google’s internal company goals last year, the aim being to achieve “70% user happiness" for that version.

Now Drew from sent us the news that he’s seeing a link at the top of his Gmail reading “Newer version”. Clicking on it – the URL is – he doesn’t notice many changes on the surface yet. However, he does have a new contacts manager, as the screenshots (with grayed-out areas to protect privacy) show. He also noticed a “browse” files box below the message compose box, slightly redundant on the surface as you can already attach files above the compose message box. (Perhaps the browse box mentioned was unrelated to the new version? I saw another 2.0 test account that didn’t have it, so until I know more, I’m striking this.) Plus, Drew says he can’t hide the chat anymore. I asked Drew if he thinks the new version is faster, and he replies that he’d say “it feels faster – at least the contacts does.”
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screen shots under the spoiler tags and at the "rest of story" link

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