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Ok, i dont wanna roon the movie but Hannibal was dead throughout the whole movie and he didnt even know it. He kept acting like he was still alive, even though Donnie Wahlberg shot him in the beginning......HAHAHAHA.

Just kidding do yourselves a favor go see this movie. If you like intense psychological thrillers, with a little cannibalisim thrown in you'll dig this movie.

And no....Hannibal Lecter is not based on any one person. Actually he is an amalgam of several known and cannibalistic killers. I'm not sure which one's though.

Also check out MANHUNTER, its the first in the series with Lecter....definitely worth watching.

I've discovered that I now do a Hannibal Lecter impression...it creeps out the Mrs.



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Way cool Darth I can't wait to go see it next sat

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this movie sucked...i went to it shitfaced and even pissed in the theater as to not miss a minute of the film

i wish i just woulda left


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once again...after the ND game and being shitfaced....i went to the last page to raise the dead

u can reset my post count back 10 posts if u like

as one guy on here said.."dont post while drunk dont post while drunk"


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posting while drunk should be outlawed...
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