Goat on the lam


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Minn. goat chooses freedom over Nativity role

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (AP) — A goat that apparently didn't want to be part of a Minnesota Nativity scene has headed for greener pastures.The 3-year-old Angora goat was supposed to have a supporting role at Bethlehem Church in Fergus Falls. Instead it escaped its leash Saturday afternoon, and remained on the lam Monday.
The goat's owner is Jim Aakre of rural Underwood. He says he tried to chase it for about two hours, but the lack of snow made tracking difficult.
The wayward goat has been spotted several times since it escaped, but police haven't been able to collar it.
A Fergus Falls Journal report (http://bit.ly/uDCXz1 ) says Aakre and his wife also provided a llama and two puppies for the service.​



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maybe they told him to goat away or somethin'?

Motor Head

Obviously this goat is an atheist. He freed himself of an oppressive religion's hijacking of a pagan festival.

Either that or he caught a whiff of some goat pussy.