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The God of War E3 Trailer Hides Some Big Secrets
Know your surroundings.
By Joe Skrebels Several hidden details that could be bosses or characters for the upcoming God of War sequel have been spotted hiding in the game's E3 reveal trailer.

Compiled by NeoGAF user, (ahem) Bitch Pudding, three major details have been pored over. The first is a hovering, ghostly figure in the trees behind Kratos' son, which promptly flees when they approach:

The spectral background detail in close-up.

The second is a flitting, seemingly armed flying creature that passes overhead as Kratos enters Dauthamunni:

A faerie-like detail.

Finally - and most deviously - what looks like a river in the background of the final shot actually appears to be a landscape-spanning snake, leading people to speculate that we're seeing Jörmungandr, the World Serpent of Norse Myth:

River or enormous snake? We're going for the latter.

Want to have a look yourself? Skip to 3:34, 6:46, and 9:15 respectively in the trailer below and see what you can spot:

Since these were pointed out, other little details have been shown off in the same NeoGAF thread, including what look like Hermes' boots lying on the floor of Kratos' cabin, scuttling creatures in the trees around our heroes and this huge, scampering wolf:

Come back! Let us pet you!



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No one else played this?.. I got it near release but just started it last week.. its ok.