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Holy shit!! Who is she and where did you find her?
Wow thats your wife well let me be the first to tell you she gives really good head!!! :D :D Heh heh LOL
I got news for you guys those 2 girls i fucked last night!!! Heh heh LOL
Yeah, and then you woke up! Can someone please explain to me why you guys feel the need to need to ruin a perfectly offensive and chauvinistic post by acting like a bunch of horny high school dorks? Why can't you just enjoy the nice pictures without trying to look like the studs that you are not.

Stingray thanks for the posts, the pictures were appreciated.
nothing like a little Morning Asspipe to start the day...



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Well that was intersting....
I didn't know all you guys share wives like that....wow you guys must love that orgy Hee hee...
I hope that you enjoyed the pics that stingray put up.....
Have Fun wacking off :p :p


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a homana homana I am dreamin right???????? Slap me whith those hooters and see if I wake up.


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Hey Stingray I asked you to please let me know when you were gonna post my pic - LMAO!!!

Oh by the way Harry, I slapped ya with em last night - you horny ass!!! - then again I think I can manage to slap ya again tonight - just one question SWEETS - when did we get into S & M??? --- OUCH!!! I don't want to be slapped back - ROFLMFAO


;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)