goin to vegas tomorrow....

well as the title says.....

leaving tomorrow early morning and staying until late thursday with my dad at the planet hollywood for a late 21st b-day. other than the casinos (duh), we're going to see spamalot one night; anyone know any other good stuff to do? are there any reasonable clubs for just myself?

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Seriously though a couple ides for you. Cheapest beers on the strip check out O'Sheas in between the Flamingo and Harrah's. Best new bar on the strip is the Diablo Cantina in front of the Monte Carlo. Hottest chicks will be hanging out at either the Palms or the Hard Rock. Best place that is not a dance type club or lounge for a good time in my mind is the Piano Bar @ NY NY. The girls seem to like that dueling piano concept.


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He could go to a 7 Eleven when he is here like someone else did.......*special Wackbag linger longer*
He could also run into a high-roller who will show him the ropes while he's hanging out there . . .


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i was there the beginning of this month, as far as clubs, LAX in the luxor is pretty nice, as is the playboy club in the sands, they are probably the 2 real upscale ones, and you will probably pay like 20-40 just to get in, unless you find a chick or you have a pass or if theres some kind of deal or whatever. you can find something to do anytime, and pretty much anywhere, but of course anything you do will be a lot more fun if you have cash, i just wish i graduated already, when i was there.