'Good Luck Chuck' starring Jessica Alba.....and Dane Cook?


I want to have L'il Jimmy's babies
This should be a crapfest. Check out this horribly photoshopped poster I found. They can't be serious.

I've got to go gouge my eyes out now. Jessica Alba is forever tainted because of this.

ol' Cabey leg

As in Ol' (Darryl) Cabey leg
That cocksucker knocked out her 2 front teeth in a kissing scene filming that movie. Only makes me hate him more.

N.Y. Johnny

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Pass, even though its Jessica Alba who I like, Dane cancels it out.


The reward is cheese.
what crap. and we have all his countless Myspace "friends" to thank for this.


I want to have L'il Jimmy's babies
Here's another poster:

They both look like they are BEYOND photoshopped.


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I've seen enough of Dane lately with all of his dipshitty MLB commercials


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I have come to HATE this fucking tool!!! DIE ALLREADY ARRRRGGGGG::hammer:

"if you listen to any of dane cooks cd's more than once and laugh just end it,,,,if you have dane cook on your myspace just end it (my girlfriend has him as a top five, I have a fucking pic of angelina jolie on there and she gets upset....great pic though go check it out;)) myspace.com/opantnort

Dane Cook is a HOMO


Go back to your shanties.
The trailer looks AWFUL.

It's got the predictible HEY LETS TEST THE CURSE ON A FAT GIRL

She's eating and snorting and Dane is gagging comically HA HA HA HA ZOMFG SHE IZ FATZ LOLZ


Movies nowadays STINK.


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Oh, and how clever....the movie comes out on the 21st and they're on floor 21....