Good Night Moon (aka Shameless Self Promotion)

I feel stupid posting this but I thought I would share. I produced a short movie for my writing partner to direct.

It's called "Goodnight Moon" it's 14 minutes long, it's a small dark suspenseful tale with a pretty wild ending.

Here's the trailer...

It stars Bonnie Muirhead from Hell's Kitchen (we actually filmed this just before she was cast on that) and Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. I'm sure I can guess how many people feel about him, but he actually did a great job acting and by helping us have a chance at getting people to see the our project. Which is something I doubt many people in his place would do.

And if you feel inclined to help a couple writers struggling during the current strike you can download the full short for $2.99 here...

I think a lot of you guys might like it, and if any of you check out the trailer or the whole thing I'd love to hear what you think, even if you hate it.

And Bonnie's also naked in it, which might convince a couple people to check it out.


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You should add your short film to her IMDB page. Could be some simple promotion.
Yeah we are planning to do that, we didn't know it was going up for download yet, we thought it was going to be in about two weeks. Then the distributor put it up last week surprising us.

Then Perez Hilton posted about it and it's kind of exploded all the sudden on youtube.