Good Side of Bad News with Norton and Forentine


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their sign-off lines are the best...always something about fat girls ha


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Who is Forentine?


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Yea, these are some great little vids. Too bad theyre so short, though.
Loved Jimmy signing off the broadcast with, "goodnight and your grandmother's a cunt."


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Holy S! When did this start? I don't remember Jimmy talking about this on the show.


Jimmy: "... go fuck a wood chipper."


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It's like they don't know where to look!

Also Jimmy looks so tinnnnyy!


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Nice to see Jimmy finally knows what to do with his hands.


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Jimmy & Jimmy = Funny...Its too bad ones a Hoo Hoo Guy.
Here's the embedded code for the entire playlist (whatever the fuck that means). I'm sure someone with an ounce of HTML skills can figure this out:

<object width="830" height="485"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="FlashVars" value="playlistUrl=" /><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" FlashVars="playlistUrl=" allowFullScreen="true" width="830" height="485"></embed></object>


AFRO's Littlest Baby...
I love Jimmy's spitfire fits in here perfectly. but these videos could do without Florentine. he just sucks.


learnings for queers
I love Jimmy's spitfire fits in here perfectly. but these videos could do without Florentine. he just sucks.
Thats just Slanderous and Untrue. Florentine is a very funny comic. Its just to bad he is a loyal Stern Prick who wont come on O & A or else we would get radio Gold from him and Norton together.

Im just sayin

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Couldnt care less if he is a Stern guy, but Florentine has not been funny. Tough format though, Little Jimmy is one of the few who could pull off being funny in it.

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I see that Florentine and E-Rock go to the same barber.


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"Go fuck a wood chipper" best new closing line ever!!!!


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Great stuff, just checked it out. Shame no Florentine on O&A, stern allegiance blech.


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Florentine sold a lot of "Revenge of the Telemarketer" CD's on Howards show. I'm sure the next time he has to sell something, he'll figure out that it isn't same show.