Good top down, multi character party RPGs


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I was just playing Temple of Elemental Evil, a disappointing game with AMAZING D&D rules simulation. The game would probably be my favorite RPG of all time if they hadn't fucked up the quests so badly. But now I'm hungry for some good top down / isometric party based RPGs. What are your favorites? Don't have to have good graphics, but they should be able to run on windows.


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Neverwinter Nights 2.

A bit buggy, but the best adaptation of an Ad&d ruleset I've seen.

Temple of elemental Evil, is right up there, too. It wasn't thaat bad, in hindsight.

Baldurs Gate 2. Titan Quest. (Althought titan quest is more "diablo" than baldurs gate) Jagged Alliance 2. (one of my favorites) Vampire, the Masquerade redemption is good too. A bit oldschool but definitely fun, too.

Give NWN 2 a shot if your pc can handle it.
It's got a pretty decent story line. I'm trying to kill a big ass dragon currently.


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Icewind dale I & II

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Its not exactly party-based (half the time youll be alone, or have at most one or two people with you..but youll be alone 90% of the time), but Fallout 1 and 2 are still amazing games.


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Cool, thanks, gonna try a few of those.


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Playing Jagged Alliance 2 now, seems like it would be cool except it is tough as shit to control. My characters keep walking backwards, what the fuck? How do you get them to face the correct direction?

Also don't like how the screen doesn't scroll unless you use the mini map.

Otherwise seems like it would be a great game, a lot like the tactics of the Fall Out series.


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Jagged alliance 2, I forgot the exact keyboard button, but its something you press to get them to walk backwards. I think it's something like the "be alert" or "stealth" feature? I really forget I've no documentation with it.

Give it a little more time, it's still one of my favorite rpg/strategy games to date. And there's definitely good shit in there once you get the learning curve knocked outta the way.
As far as the screen scrolling, I'm just getting done with nw2 and it's awful camera set up, so I'm having a bit of trouble referencing it.

I just remember moving the camera anywhere on the map with the directional arrows, and your characters awareness or sight (or maybe even it was night fighting) was the thing that goverened how far they can see on it.

Hope it turns out.

Always wished they made a gi-joe licensed game like jagged alliance 2.. it would've been pretty good.