your head!!


ranger fans,
good luck with lindros he's an awsome player <when he plays>,but i think the flyers got sick of all the bullshit with eric's father <also his manager>.anyway, he's so f'n fragile if he gets another concusion he'll might be a good riddance to bad rubbage.LET's GO FLYERS!!!

what the hell is a flyer anyway?????
If he is injury free then the Rangers got themselves a good deal. But who thinks he is gonna get knocked on his ass? Do you think players are gonna be gunning for him?


yea if he stays heathy he should be awsome but goddamn he's had so many concusions the inside of his head is like a friggin scramled eggs!!
i think they'll be gunning for him.he is to leave heathyand kick the shit outta ya!!

the whole problem with lindros is he is a physical player, and he might have to change the way he plays 'cause of all the injuries. he might not be as dominating player then.