Google's Glasses


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Google's Glasses - More than meets the eye

Over the last couple of months Google has been putting together a campaign for their latest and greatest bit of technology, glasses.

These aren't the type of glasses you buy at a drugstore and I doubt they will ever protect your eyes from the sun or help you read fine print in a dimly lit room. In actuality, they aren't meant to enhance seeing at all but to augment and improve upon the ways in which we view the world we live in.

It's called Project Glass and at first glance it seems that the most exciting feature of the glasses is their ability to record footage from a first person perspective. But take a look at this video and you'll see that Google has bigger plans for these fancy little computerized bifocals:



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It's a neat party though.


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This technology is still years away, unless it comes with a battery pack with a long cord you can stick in your pocket or hide under your hat.

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Google is going to sued for dozens of car and open manhole accidents.